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Are you thinking of moving to Denmark, and are you a beneficiary or trustee in a trust?

Or do you already live in Denmark, and have you or your familiy placed assets in a trust?

Then Hulgaard Advokater can help you clarify your legal position in relation to the Danish tax authorities.

As a general rule, the Danish tax authorities consider a trust to be a means of tax evasion, and therefore Denmark has introduced protective legislation concerning trusts.

Violaton of this protective legislation may in the worst case scenario lead to criminal prosecution in Denmark for tax evasion.

Hulgaard Advokater are experts in this legislation and may help you with a solution.

Please be advised, that Hulgaard Advokater DO NOT offer advice concerning ”creative” trust solutions, as such solutions often entail tax evasion and are primarily motivated by a low risk of detection.

We are happy to participate in a non-comittal meeing og a discussion with you on the phone regarding your situation.



You are welcome to contact attorney Lars Lauge Nielsen at tel. +45 38 40 42 24 or lln@hulgaardadvokater.dk if you want to know more.

Lars Lauge Nielsen

Attorney (L)
Tel.dir.: +45 38 40 42 24
Mobile: +45 40 80 64 24